The concept

The concept of « Get involved » is to provide you with content in an effective and didactic way in several complementary forms.

Get involved in 2 hours

Discover your module in the form of a training course condensed into 2 hours. Simple and effective, this module goes straight to the point without sacrificing content. Everything you need to know presented in two hours.

Get involved in 20 minutes

Like an EFILE conference, find the essential of what makes the module presented dynamically in 20 minutes. Ideal to give a concrete overview of the subject and possibly give the possibility to discuss several subjects during the same half-day.

This 20-minute introduction gives the main keys and can operate independently or serve as an introduction to the 2-hour module that could be given to those most interested.

Get involved in 20 pages

All the content of the two-hour training course is written in a clear, synthetic and didactic document of 20 pages. Much more than a presentation support, it is a real book that can be read independently of the training and re-used whenever necessary to access the training content in a pleasant graphic form.